Product and Payments
  1. Payment towards purchase of product (s) can be revealed by DD favouring Uniqueforce Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Payable at Meerut.
  2. The Products to be booked thirty days in advance at registered office i.e. Meerut only. If a distributor needs door delivery of products they have to bear the transport, delivery and other incidental charges.
  3. The responsibility of the company ceases immediately on delivers’ of products and company will not be responsible for any loss or damage thereafter.
  4. Product once sold can be returned within 30 days in in salable conditions from the date of Registration back and no amount would be refunded under any circumstances.
  5. All products are subjected to availability.
  1. The purchase done by distributor by the way of Direct Marketing is at their sole and personal discretion only and is not done under any force or any undue influence.
  2. Sales commission/Incentives given are purely based on sales performance referred to in Marketing Plan which may vary from person to person and time to time. Distributors do not have a claim whatsoever if they do not perform to the required level.
  1. Commission payouts to the distributors will be given in the forms of cheque/DD/Fund Transfer only and in no case it shall be in cash. The payments shall be made after deduction of as in force from time to time. Ethical code of conduct:
  2. Distributor should conduct himself in a civilized and courteous while representing company’s business, during all events as well as at all distribution centre or offices.
  3. Distributor shall be an independent contractor and is not an employee or the representative/agent of the company or any other member, however he shall be an authorized distributor of the company and shall be authorized to do business.
  4. Distributor shall abide to the company rules and regulation, policies, procedures as amended from time to time by the company at its sole discretion.
  5. Distributor will not appoint any sub distributor under him accept byway of sponsorship to the company.
  6. Distributor shall not accept any independent payment or cheques in his name from any of subordinates associates or new distributors willing to become the associates. All the payments shall be received through DD in favour of Uniqueforce Health Care Pvt. Ltd. only and cash if any to be deposited directly to the company.
  7. Distributor shall not introduced and / or sell any product or services not approved by the company through the company’s network or distributors.
  8. Distributor shall not in any way misrepresent the quality, performance or availability of company products. A distributor will indemnify company for any claim, cost or damages arising from such misrepresentation.
  9. Distributor does not have the authority to bind the company to any obligation, agreement or commitment of any kind.
  10. Distributors will be responsible for their decision and expenditure incurred by them in this business.
  11. The company reserve the right to terminate the distributors without notice, his or her site will be blocked, his/her payouts will be withheld and suitable legal action will be initiated if the management finds that he/she is engaged himself/herself in providing the false information! misrepresentation, work adversely using company’s name, logo, marketing plan with the other products, cross sponsoring, malpractice, unfair activities, promoting other companies, spreading rumors etc.
  12. Company reserve the right to modify its business systems, terms and condition, products, marketing plans, prices, policies and procedures deemed fit from time to time with out any notice.
  13. The company is not responsible for any unauthorized money transaction/business/self carried on by any of its distributor.
  14. Company reserves the right to reject any application thereof for any reason at its discretion.
  15. The terms and conditions are governed by the laws of India and any dispute arbitration act if any shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the court of Meerut city only.